Lotus Biscoff Cookies Butter or Margarine Coconut fat or oil Dextrose (or Xylitol) Cream cheese Lemon zest – Fresh Blackberries Fresh Strawberries

Step 1

Prepare the tart tin

Step 2

Combine butter and Biscoff Crumbs

Step 3

Mix until well combined.

Step 4

Press the mixture into a tart tin.

Step 5

Chill, until the cream cheese spread is ready.

Step 6

Spread the filling over the crust.

Step 7

Spread mashed strawberries and blackberries alternately over the filling.

Step 8

Garnish with fresh fruit

Step 9

Garnish with Biscoff cookie crumbs.

Step 10

Freeze for 1 hour, then remove from the tin, thaw slightly, cut, and serve.