No bake!

Best Chocolate Ricotta Cheesecake

By Combine good Flavors

Ingredientsfor the Crust

Lotus Biscoff Cookies Cocoa Powder Unsalted Butter

Step 1

Place the Biscoff Cookies in a ziploc bag and crush them.

Step 2

Add cocoa powder to the crushed Biscoff cookies.

Step 3

Combine the cookie crumbs with the cocoa powder and melted butter.

Step 4

Create a yummy Biscoff cookie crust by pressing them in a springform pan

Ingredients for the ricotta chocolate Cream

Milk chocolate Couverture Dark Chocolate Couverture  Gelatin Ricotta Granulated Sugar  Heavy Cream Milk

Step 5

Soften the ricotta cheese

Step 6

Add the melted chocolate

Step 7

Mix well!

Step 8

Pour the chocolate ricotta cream on top of the Biscoff crust.

Step 9

Again for the dark chocolate ricotta cream.

Step 10

Chill the Cheesecake preferably overnight


Decorate with whipped cream

Step 12

And dust with cocoa powder.